Lights up a football field in 5 minutes.

The Telescopic Light Tower* is designed to fill the temporary lighting needs for events, construction, emergency responders, recreation and where you need lighting without transporting those big light trailers. The unit comes in a fiberglass case for transportation and storage and fits in the trunk of a car. Simply remove the lid, plug in tower to 110V or a generator, turn fan on and the tower is filled with air via a built-in fan in less than a minute to give you a 15 foot tall tower. The light source is a 875 watt metal halide bulb that reaches full brightness after about 5 minutes. The unit is so quiet you can stand beside the unit and carry on a normal conversation.

The tower body is made of a light weight ripstop material that acts as a light tube to give off a very even matt lighting. The quality of the light is easy on the eyes and excellent for reading or work.

The Telescopic Light Tower is a light source that will light up to 100,000 square feet anywhere that can be easily transported in the trunk of a vehicle and deployed by one person.

Telescopic Light Tower - 875 watts

  • emergency field lighting

  • illumination up to 100 000 square feet in darkness!

  • the alternative light source portable and immediatly available for various applications

  • the GTM Telescopic light collapses to only 2 feet for easy carry and storage (2 ft x 1.5 ft x 1.5 ft)

  • quickly and easily installed by a single person (3 minutes)

  • good stability on the ground

  • light and compact (fits in a car trunk)

  • full extension of the Tower: 15 feet, the 1000 watts metal halide lamp is positionned at a working height of 15 feet.

  • applications: Police, Fire, Emergency Departments, First Responders, Road construction, Nite works, National Defense - Homeland security,Utilities, Rental business, Pavement, Studios, Public works...